Welcome to Electrified ICE.

This site is dedicated to my belief in the need to move to sustainable energy consumption, particularly in the transportation sector.

I’m excited about what is happening in the electric vehicle market today.

Elon Musk through Tesla Motors has chosen to pursue a disruptive technology in the form of electric vehicles.

The OEM vehicle manufacturers can no longer stick their heads in the sand & pretend nothing is happening, and nothing needs to happen.

The announcement of the Model 3 has been a wake-up call to OEM manufacturers.

In a matter of weeks Tesla Motors had taken in over 400,000 preorders for  the Model  3, with each reservation holder putting down a $1000 cash deposit.

That is one heck of a interest-free loan Tesla Motors received.

For years the OEM manufacturers had been avoiding the obvious. They can’t do that any longer. For years the OEMs have been saying they were going to develop electric vehicles, but they lied (don’t even get me started on the EV1). Tesla has shown them what they refused to see. if you build a compelling vehicle they will buy it; regardless of whether it’s an EV or an ICE vehicle.

The OEMs are scrambling now to play catch-up. Tesla has not only shown them how to build an ELECTRIC car, Tesla has shown them how to build a CAR. The public has gone crazy over the Model S & Model X. And now, car buyers is going crazy over a car the public has never even seen, the Model 3.

As wonderful as the Tesla offerings are, one size does not fit all. And not everyone is willing to accept the products that the OEMs are producing.

I happen to be one of those people. Some of the vehicles being produced by the OEMs are kind of nice, but they’re not quite what I want. That is why I am converting my favorite vehicle to all electric drive.

That’s right; I’m converting my Chevy SSR to all electric drive.

I bought the SSR specifically to convert it to Electric Drive. The SSR is what is commonly referred to as my donor vehicle.

Oh, in case you haven’t figured it out…

Electrified ICE refers to the conversion of Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles to all Electric Drive.

I invite you to join me in this journey.

R J Star